Legislators are scared of people like Stephen Hawking!

Last year’s presidential election was a celebration of democracy as well as the realization of a DREAM TO MOBILIZE American citizens with disabilities. Advocates for this cause have worked hard by providing accommodations, technology and logistics to ensure that citizens with disabilities can exercise their right to vote independently, privately and for any political candidate... Continue Reading →

Using Nostalgia to Cope with Isolation

Not yourself lately? Can't concentrate? Are you feeling disoriented? Bored? Depressed? Whether you are stuck inside on a regular basis because of a physical condition or you are struggling with pandemic depression, you may be interested in a new and pleasant way to cope. “Nostalgia Therapy” has become a newly recognized way to ease anxiety.... Continue Reading →

Focus on “ABLE” within Disability

When disclosing that I'm disabled with having Multiple Sclerosis, I've tried to concentrate on the word "ABLE" within the term "disability." I haven't had enough energy to continue working full-time since 2005, but I'm quite "ABLE" to work part-time as a professional writer/public relations specialist who is determined to keep challenging myself while trying to... Continue Reading →

As History Repeats, We Must Rise Up, We Must Vote

In 1775 before the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War, our founding fathers struggled with how to deal with the richest man in the world, the King of England, who basically ignored the colonies except as a source of taxes and additional wealth--"taxation without representation."  In 1775 the colonists first prepared a “Declaration of Dependence,”... Continue Reading →

2020: A Future With Us?

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~ Alice Walker The 2015 version of this article started with despair. A lament that our elected officials didn't hear us, or worse, they didn't care to hear us. The needs of Americans with disabilities, their families and allies... Continue Reading →

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