What can we learn from Pope Francis?

Last month during the Washing of the Feet, a Catholic tradition typically reserved for Vatican priests, Pope Francis chose instead to wash the feet of those with disabilities. Last year, he washed the feet of women and Muslims. You can almost hear the collective gasp!

But, the Pope’s audacity does not end there! Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis took a moral stance over the dogmatic stance held by the church on numerous, highly debated social issues.

“Who am I to judge…” he says. And with that…the world listens.

If you take religion and papal titles out of the equation, you are left with a man, a human being. He speaks with humility, yet conviction. He lives simply, yet boldly. He yearns for nothing but to show his fellow humans that they are worth more than the value society has placed upon them.

And he does it all with a seemingly effortless grace. He seems not to fear backlash. He speaks out. He lives his life out loud, with meaning and purpose.

Do you live out loud?

Do you live on purpose…making conscious and deliberate choices? Or, do you allow life to choose for you?

Do you harness every ounce of your potential? Or, do you make half-hearted attempts?

Do you love genuinely and without expectation? Or, do you love selectively and with caveat?

Are you tolerant of yourself and others? Or, do you pass judgment at the first sign of imperfection?

Do you live authentically? Or, have you lost yourself in a myriad of half-truths.

Do you practice gratitude? Or, do you allow life’s imperfections to rule your attitude?

Do you live with conviction? Or, do you allow the opinions of others or the fear of rejection to dissuade you?

Do you appreciate your own value? Or do you allow others to place a value upon you?

Pope Francis lives and breathes purposefulness, he uses every ounce of his ability to spread love and tolerance, he lives authentically in his humility, he expresses gratitude, he leads with conviction in spite of detractors, and he understands his place in society as a valuable member of society.

Pope Francis is a human being, just like you. He chooses to live life out loud, as can you!

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