A Credo for Being Human


















1. Love yourself without hesitation or caveat.

2. Embrace failure as an essential part of your personal journey.

3. Listen. Think. Think some more. Respond. Listen some more. Repeat.

4. Search for beauty in the mundane.

5. Read every day about everything under the sun.

6. Do not make excuses.

7. Accept the things you cannot change.

8. Learn to laugh at yourself.

9. Be a friend.

10. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

11. Remember, there is only LOVE.

12. Be kind always. Always.

13. You earn respect by giving respect.

14. NOW is the only place to dwell.

15. Comparison serves no purpose in your life.

16. Be a doer.

17. Failure is not the end.

18. Stop assuming. Start asking.

19. Your state of mind steers your life.

20. Believe in second (and third, and fourth, and…) chances.

21. BONUS: Success begins and ends with you!

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