Advocacy in the everyday

We are done with being a silent many
Every voice rings out and carries
No we won’t just go back
Home without you hearing
The sound when the many say
We are done

-The Madden Brothers

Have you heard the song We Are Done by The Madden Brothers? It’s a good song by most standards, but for us, for disability advocates, it’s more than just a good song; it’s a call to action! It’s a call to end our silent servitude…to stop allowing others to define us…to stop allowing ourselves to place a value on the narrow-minded definitions of us! It’s a call, to show the world, who we are!

You don’t need to chain yourself to a pole, or tip your wheelchair and crawl up the stairs of a national monument to be heard. No, in fact, sometimes it’s what happens in the mundane quiet of your EVERYDAY that speaks the LOUDEST.

We mustn’t hang our heads and hide. We must come out into the day and LIVE OUT LOUD! We must advocate by being and by doing. We must live our lives on the sidewalks and in the stores and in the parks and in the cafes of our communities. We must live our lives among the masses.

We must move and communicate with confidence.

We must do what we can on our own, but admit when we need help, and not be ashamed about it.

We must be teachers to those who just don’t seem to get it and counselors to those who just don’t seem to care.

We must allow ourselves to have bad days and forgive ourselves when we do.

We must empathize with and support our fellow advocates, no matter the severity or absence of disability.

We must embrace and acknowledge our limitations while at the same time celebrate our abilities.

We must be advocates EVERYDAY!

It’s a big, well actually, it’s a HUGE responsibility! But we need you! Are you up for the challenge? Will you join us in telling the world, WE ARE DONE?!

If you care to watch the We Are Done video, you can do so on YouTube: http://

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