Do you feel you are never allowed to complain or describe the ways disability is adversely affecting your life?

Adult hand holding infant's hand
We, at New Horizons Un-Limited, value the individual and focus on strengths and weaknesses that make the whole person. As parents, family members, caregivers and individuals we try to focus on positive energy and independence.

Although, once in a while, wouldn’t you like to complain when disability in your life is not going well for you? If we do not tell the world how disability adversely affects our lives, who is going to explain it?

Early identification and intervention, treatment, therapy, and special education work to assist the child to provide the best possible quality of life outcomes, however, disability at its worst can result in being cast aside from work, family, and community.

Depending on the severity, developmental disability in childhood can result in lifelong health impacts. The child with disabilities can require more extensive health care needs, or have unmet needs for health or related services such as dental services, caregiver services, adaptive or wellness therapies or health equipment.

Developmental Disabilities can affect several areas of child development and impair the child’s performance and roles in society. They can experience health, social and environmental barriers to full participation in life events. Once interrupted the altered development of the child can affect everything they try to attain in their lifetime.

In some cases disabilities can be devastating to individuals and their families.   For this reason we must not ignore prevention of Developmental Disabilities for today’s children and future children.

We invite you to visit our Report on the Prevention of Disabilities which focuses on the prevention of Developmental Disabilities.

We want to hear how developmental disability is adversely affecting your life, whether you are an individual, parent, sibling, grandparent, family member, caregiver or friend.   What has living with disability cost you, not just monetarily?

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