New Book Review: 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD

Author:  Cindy Goldrich, 2015, Foreword by Babette Rothschild

The 8 Keys Series of books provides self-help books, with evidence based information in a concise clear way.  Exercises and practical strategies are meant to empower the reader to help themselves.

The author of this book, Cindy Goldrich, is a Certified ADHD Coach who works with parents, teachers, and service professionals in the treatment and support of children and teens with ADHD. She is able to give parents great insight and the practical action plans to assist them with raising their children with special needs.

In this book, Goldrich breaks down the ADHD self- help with Get Educated, Create Calm, strengthen Connection, Cultivate Good Communication, Teach Collaboration, Be Clear and Consistent, Establish Meaningful Consequences, and Choices:  Yours and Theirs.  This book offers the tools of optimism, patience, tips and action plans and gives you the science behind the insights.  Parents are provided with these tools to develop parenting skills along with cultivating living skills in their children to become more confident, independent, and capable.  “When you are engaged mindfully in the present, you let go of these old interpretations and judgments, and are open to experiencing the present as just what it is, and, therefore, responding to the present situation appropriately.”

From the Foreword by Rothschild:

“…Goldrich’s overarching mantra is “parent the child you have.”  It is this wisdom that sets her apart as an expert in this field.  She recognizes that ADHD is not comprised of a single set of difficulties and that every child s unique.  She will help you to recognize the unique needs of your particular child and then support and guide you in adapting your parenting style to your child’s needs.”

To find this book go to the publisher W.W. Norton & Company:

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