New Book Review: The Autism Cover-Up

Author:  Anne Dachel,  copyright 2014, New York:  Skyhorse Publishing

No one in this controversial history from 1998 to the present was anti-vaccine, they were calling for more research, a safe schedule of vaccines, and to get due compensation for parents and children who in good faith had vaccinated and had alleged legitimate claims to the U.S. Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), but could not get compensation due to their child’s Autism diagnosis.  Evidently there has been a lot of misconception every time doctors and families have tried to explain their story about vaccines.  The press and everyone involved has been unable to report on it, however no one was anti-vaccine.

The author, Anne Dachel, is a “Graduate of the University of Wisconsin – EauClaire, where she had taught for over thirty years.  She works with developmentally disabled children, and is a mother of four children with one son on the autism spectrum.  She writes on the on-line blog, Age of Autism, and reports daily on media coverage of autism.”

Although Autism for U.S. children has risen again in the last decade, yet, no will tell the “American public” what is causing the rise.  The author has been monitoring how the press covers Autism and it is a complicated history.  This book explains the longstanding and misunderstood documented facts that were unreported by the media. The author researched and reported incident after incident and reviews the many different and various experts, advocates, parents, disparate facts, events that called for a transparent independent vaccine safety research.

Parents should get their children vaccinated, they should work with their health care professional and educate themselves on vaccine schedules.

The book also discusses how the press has not covered the cost of this epidemic:

  • ”Trillions and trillions of dollars would be needed in caring for these people throughout their lives.” “It was almost unheard of for anyone in the media to so openly talk about what autism is going to cost America and speculate on how we will provide for all the disabled children throughout their lives.  When the Autistic children become adults the public will finally ask why didn’t officials do everything, why didn’t doctors sound an alarm, why didn’t the press honestly and thoroughly report?”
  • “We need to figure out a system.  We need to figure out how we are going to compensate these families.  How we’re going to remove the burden from the states because right now they are the ones footing the bill.”

The book evokes many questions:

Why has all the spending on research been for a genetic cause of Autism when there has never been a genetic epidemic, and nothing spent for other research when we know too little about the causes of Autism?

How do families get doctors, legislators, researchers and pharmaceuticals to do more to solve the Autism epidemic, when the media will not report it?

How will we provide for the growing number of children with disabilities throughout their lives?

If you are interested in this book, visit your public library or

Why would we want to review this controversial subject?

Recently this side of the Autism story came to the forefront again and was censored when Robert De Niro pulled the film, “VAXXED: from Cover Up to Catastrophe,” from the Tribeca Film Festival this past spring, although he believed, “it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined.”  “He was not anti-vaccine, just wanted to start a conversation about this issue.”   (

We are interested in reviewing books on the history of  Autism to openly discuss and examine causes of Autism.  We disclaim any endorsement.  Evaluate the information, analyze your unique circumstances, use your best judgment and make your own decisions when using the information. Before making any change, consult your health care professional.

Next week we will introduce another book on the history of Autism:  Neurotribes:  The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman.

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