A Story of Being Human: The Key to All Things


“It’s been almost two years since graduation. Now that I’m not in college, nothing is grounded in a reliable sense. Now I’m in the real world, where I should have a job, a wife, kids, a home. I know I’m behind in everything.

My goal right now, is to be independent. But, everything is just uncertain. And that’s what’s scary. It’s supposed to be like “Boom! You’ve got your job and now you can move out and have your own life.” No, it’s never worked like that.”


“It turns out I have to get as much help as I can.

Sometimes, I think, “What am I even doing? Am I really going to get this right or am I just wasting my time?” College didn’t train me for this at all. I basically put all my chips on my education path, but then my education path ended and they basically put me on a train back home without giving me my chips back.

The challenge is…I don’t know why, but I’m picturing a box, and that box has a little keyhole, like a lock, and I’m just missing some key that opens it. I need to find that key.”


“The one consistent thing about people on the Autism Spectrum is that they are generally really terrible self-advocates. I don’t think I have to say very much to have to tell you that I definitely fit that bill. I’m just so terrible at self-advocating.

I look into myself and I think, what do I have to present to others? When I fight that battle of positivity vs. negativity, let’s face the facts here, I’m pretty negative. If I were to take the most positive way to look at how I’m driven it’s to say there is definitely something I can do to make something work better. I like to tell people that I’m the type of guy that’s going to find a problem and I’m going to solve it. That’s what I do.”


“I’m a gamer and when I first got into computer programming I was really good at math. When the two came together, programming was the go to answer. It’s very formulaic. It’s all about making sure you organize things correctly and you don’t lose sight of what you’re doing. It’s very easy for everything to start getting tangled, and trying to untangle your code is like trying to untangle a bowl of spaghetti. If you screw up, you’re going to have to pull out every noodle and straighten it out to look for your problem…

My dream is to program for video games. Because that’s the dream. That is THE dream!”

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