Hey, non-voter, I’m talking to you!

Vote because the people in this building have the power to tell you what is best for you.


Did you know that in a typical mid-term election only 40% of eligible voters (even less for voters with disabilities) cast their ballot? Wow America, that’s a solid “F!” Are you among the 60% of voters that sit out midterm elections? If so, here’s some food for thought…

ALL 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are up for reelection in 2018.

This is a BIG deal.

Representatives serve two-year terms. A lot can happen in two years! Laws can be amended and written, Supreme Court Justices can be nominated and confirmed (That’s for a lifetime folks!) Budgets can be set. Programs can be created or cut. The list goes on.

And guess what, all of these decisions will impact you in some form. Possibly in a significant way. (Think Medicaid reform. That’s a real thing that’s being discussed right now.)

What’s more, new laws can start in the House! Our representatives draft legislation that is then amended and considered by the Senate.

To put it more clearly, there are 435 people who begin the decision-making process for several hundred million Americans! And only 40% of eligible voters show up to make their voice heard at the polls on election day. Wouldn’t you think that we would do a better job of deciding who is put in charge of our futures?

You still want to sit this one out?

I would bet that if you don’t vote you may not even know who your representative is. And if you do know, perhaps you may not have a great idea of what they stand for or against. You may not have a firm knowledge of their voting record.

It’s not hard to find this information. But I understand, you have better things to do while managing your daily life. And let’s be honest, following politics can be nauseating. I get it! I really do.

But I would hope that you could put a little bit of time aside and prepare yourself for this year’s election. Because it really is a BIG deal! It really will impact YOU!

The 2018 Midterms are on Tuesday, November 6th.

We’ll make this really easy for you. Here’s a Voter Checklist. It links to all the information you need to vote confidently on election day!

What do you say, can we count on you to show up for America, and indeed, yourself?

Oh look! A handy checklist to help you vote with confidence.

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