How Microsoft Defined the Future of Inclusion in 106 Seconds

Who else only watches the Super Bowl for the ads? I’m surely not alone on this one, right? While there were quite a few winning ads, one in particular really grabbed my and many others’ attention!

Microsoft’s “We All Win” ad tugs at the heartstrings as it introduces young gamers with various mobility limitations.  Of course, pairing disability with heartstring tugging is not a new strategy for charities and companies alike, but this ad was different.

It never made you feel as though the kids were different or “less than.” You didn’t fall into the all too easy trap of feeling sorry for the kids, rather, you shared in their joy.  You quietly cheered along with them, as they did what they loved.

Of course it highlighted each kid’s disability, but it did it in such a way that made you see that these kids were just kids who really loved playing video games with their friends.  You didn’t just see their disability. You saw them; their personalities, their enthusiasm, their “kid-ness” (and can we talk about Grover’s amazing hair).

And maybe, if you really understand the disability experience, you felt relief at finally seeing a company who gets it.

This is what real inclusion looks like. It doesn’t highlight differences. It doesn’t neatly box people into “them” and “us.” It highlights sameness, togetherness.  Real inclusion presents solutions to persistent divisive barriers. Real inclusion fosters a true sense of belonging.

That’s what Microsoft has done here…they not only invested in a solution that will bring kids of all abilities together to do what kids love, they also invested in a narrative that has set the stage for a much-needed national dialogue on disability and inclusion.…

“When everybody plays, we all win.”

That’s a big deal.

What did you think about the Microsoft Superbowl Ad? Please share your thoughts with us.

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