As History Repeats, We Must Rise Up, We Must Vote

In 1775 before the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War, our founding fathers struggled with how to deal with the richest man in the world, the King of England, who basically ignored the colonies except as a source of taxes and additional wealth–“taxation without representation.”  In 1775 the colonists first prepared a “Declaration of Dependence,” pledging loyalty to King George and asking him for relief from taxes that were making the colonists poor, while making the king very wealthy.

King George responded with further increases in taxes!

We, of course, responded with the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War!

In the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers wrote down their principles, beliefs, and their dreams, including that “all men are created equal” and all men have certain “inalienable rights” such as a fair and equal voting representation within their government and the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in perpetuity.

They also chose and assembled a form of government that could, with great certainty, enable the people to protect these rights and principles.

They conceived a Democracy with a governing structure divided into three areas of responsibility:  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

Their thoughts were THE PEOPLE would periodically elect to government office experienced, talented, and honest individuals who would serve the people of their nation for a finite time, then return to their businesses and farms after their terms expired–leaving the next group of honest and talented individuals to be elected, in turn, and so on forth through history, to properly care for this great experiment we lovingly know as the USA.

That was the dream of the colonists, a dream born from the experience of an unequal class structure of  the “haves” and the “have nots” in England, where there was the common man on one side versus King George and his aristocrat friends on the opposite side who were born into money and power. 

King George, of course, wanted even more money and more land and more power.  It was not difficult for the aristocrats to figure out that they too could amass more land and more money.  The way they would get more is by controlling the laws, and of course, controlling taxes created by Parliament’s laws.  They further found out that by gerrymandering voting rights, they could control Parliament and taxes, and thereby, power and money. 

Yes, redistricting of voting blocs has been a game played for a long time.

For example, in England in the years preceding 1775, the county of Yorkshire (population 2 million) sent two representatives to Parliament; the county of Rutland (population less than 20,000) sent two representatives to Parliament; the town of Sarum (containing 3 houses) sent two representatives to Parliament; and the town of Manchester (population 60,000) sent no representatives to Parliament.

Guess which town aristocrats lived in, and guess where the poor and underserved lived?!

An extreme manipulation of voting rights?

So where are we now?  More like England, George and his wealthy aristocratic friends?  Or more like our founding fathers’ dreams of an equal government representation?

Well, I’m afraid George is back with plenty of friends, and we are slowly losing our rights by slow and methodical manipulation.

So, how can you change our/your situation to reflect more of the principles our country was founded on back in 1776?

Our founding fathers have made it easy for us, easy compared with the Revolutionary War they fought.

So, how can we change this messed up system?  It’s simple, but we ALL MUST contribute by getting out to VOTE.  You cannot ignore this fact and expect fairness and to be treated fairly.

So please inform yourself of who will best represent your wishes and needs.  THEN PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE!  We have fought wars to keep our right to vote.  If you do not vote, you will not be represented, you will not be treated fairly. You will have no voice. You will have no path toward a more equal and just society. After all these years and hard fought battles, King George will have won.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!  And save your and my American Dream.


Please refer to our Voting Checklist to get started.

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