A Life Lesson in Disability

Written by Sean KomorowskiNo matter the type of person, there are lessons that can be learned from them. People with disabilities are especially influential, as our hardships in life aren't easily dismissed. We go through every day with determination and strength, by which many people are bowled over, or left secretly wondering if they could... Continue Reading →


Positivity breeds positivity

Written by Scott (Disability Advocate), Edited by Lori (NHU Editor) Robert M. Hensel once said, “I choose not to place ‘DIS’, in my ability.”  Think about it!  If YOU refuse to put the “dis” in your ability, why would you let someone else do it for you?!  Don’t let others bring you down or choose... Continue Reading →

When outrage isn’t enough

Incomprehensible tragedy…it happens every so often and when it does happen we find ourselves huddled in front of our televisions absorbing every detail…Every beaming face that flashes across the screen to remind us just how fragile and fleeting life is.  Every emotion pouring out of those left behind: every bit of anger, confusion, and bewilderment.... Continue Reading →

My Brother the Olympian

A reflection written by a guest blogger. When my brother was born I was told that he would not be doing all the things that other children would do.  I watched him put forth a tremendous effort to take his first steps.  I watched him laboriously learn to write.  I watched him struggle and learn to... Continue Reading →

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