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Why Long-Term Care Programs Give Me My Arms, Legs, and So Much More.

It’s been a long night. I’ve been tossing and turning. My mouth is dry; I need more water. I haven’t gotten much sleep lately, so I know this morning is going to be rough. The door unlocks, the light turns on. I’m greeted by the start of a tea kettle for my French press coffee … Continue reading

From Secret Entrances to Plywood Ramps: Navigating Your Social Life With a Disability

Your twenties are supposed to be the time where you branch out, meet new people, and experience new things for the first time.  If you’re in college, “welcome week” brings about many activities, and every weekend there’s something going on.  If you are not in school, you and your friends are all trying to balance … Continue reading

What can we learn from Pope Francis?

Last month during the Washing of the Feet, a Catholic tradition typically reserved for Vatican priests, Pope Francis chose instead to wash the feet of those with disabilities. Last year, he washed the feet of women and Muslims. You can almost hear the collective gasp! But, the Pope’s audacity does not end there! Unlike his … Continue reading

The Music Of Love

This is simply too beautiful not to share. Music and a small act of kindness…a powerful combination! Life is about finding and experiencing pure happiness. It’s clear that happiness is all around in this image! A beautiful reminder that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes! We need simply see it and grab it!

The Election is Over…Life Goes On

What a year it has been in politics! Oh the arguments, the mud-slinging, the stubbornness, the divisiveness, the stark black and white of it all. ARRRRRGH! It just makes you want to scream “ENOUGH ALREADY!” As a democratic nation we have tended to look to our leaders to provide the solutions for our nation’s problems. … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to the New Horizons Un-Limited WordPress Blog.  We hope to provide insightful content on disability-related issues that will motivate you to make positive change in your own and others’ lives. We are new to the world of blogging, so your comments and constructive criticisms will be greatly appreciated!  Of course we are always looking … Continue reading