Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

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A Story of Being Human: The Key to All Things

“It’s been almost two years since graduation. Now that I’m not in college, nothing is grounded in a reliable sense. Now I’m in the real world, where I should have a job, a wife, kids, a home. I know I’m behind in everything. My goal right now, is to be independent. But, everything is just … Continue reading

New Book Review: The Autism Cover-Up

Author:  Anne Dachel,  copyright 2014, New York:  Skyhorse Publishing No one in this controversial history from 1998 to the present was anti-vaccine, they were calling for more research, a safe schedule of vaccines, and to get due compensation for parents and children who in good faith had vaccinated and had alleged legitimate claims to the … Continue reading

New Book Review: 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD

Author:  Cindy Goldrich, 2015, Foreword by Babette Rothschild The 8 Keys Series of books provides self-help books, with evidence based information in a concise clear way.  Exercises and practical strategies are meant to empower the reader to help themselves. The author of this book, Cindy Goldrich, is a Certified ADHD Coach who works with parents, … Continue reading

Could We Prevent Disability by Funding More Education Programs for Students and Future Parents?

Could we provide more funding of education and assistance programs for students and future parents on healthy prenatal care, risk factors of disability and the importance of their role in protecting the unborn? This Prevention Report is a call for education and training for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other attendants of birth to lead the … Continue reading

How Can We Determine any Conclusion about the Safety of Medications Given at Birth or Any Obstetric Practice?

Is there a cause and affect of any obstetric practice for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy or other Developmental Disabilities?  How do we know if we don’t collect the data at birth? This Prevention Report is a call for education and training for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other attendants of birth to lead the call  … Continue reading

Have We Done Everything We Can to Educate All Attendants at Birth of the Safest Obstetric Practices?

Have we identified those techniques that put children at risk of disability? This is a call for education and training for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other attendants of birth to lead the call for prevention to observe and protect the unborn; to review and educate all attendants of birth, to advise parents for healthy prenatal … Continue reading

How Can We Improve the Collection of Birth Data at the State Level?

This is a call for legislation that each state accepts a new minimum standard birth certificate and to update medical and data agencies for recording the new standard for uniform, reliable data collection. Since the last update of the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth in 2003, almost all 50 states have adopted this  U.S. … Continue reading

Could an Updated Revision of the U.S. Standard Birth Certificate Be the Research Tool to Find the Causes of Developmental Disability?

This is a call to revise the current U.S. Standard Certificate of Life Birth (last revised 2003) to be more specific in documentation and for a more scientific approach to collect vital statistical data from before, during and after birth of each citizen born in the U.S. We agree that the standard should include that … Continue reading

How will Medical Professionals and Our Society Ever Learn How to Prevent the Ever Increasing Number of Children with Developmental Disabilities?

Without data collection and without a system that checks back on that data when a diagnosis is realized, how are we ever going to connect cause and effect of Developmental Disability? How are medical science and our society ever going to learn how to prevent the ever increasing number of children with disabilities without coordination … Continue reading

Do We Collect the Important Data at Birth on the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth to Prevent Lifelong Disability?

Although medical science does acknowledge a complex mix of risk factors prevalent in the research of Developmental Disabilities, the CDC cannot identify all the causes. The fact is there are many ways that the developing brain may be subject to: stress, infection, endures trauma or injury before, during, and after birth to cause the abnormal … Continue reading