Developmental Disabilities are a great cost to our children, families and society; they are a critical public health issue that deeply impacts the lives of millions of Americans. (1)

Each year approximately 120,000 children are diagnosed with a lifelong Developmental Disability. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated the lifetime cost of care for each individual citizen with Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy is nearly $1 million (in 2003 dollars), approximately one half that figure for those with Vision or Hearing Impairments. (Caregiver,... Continue Reading →

Do you feel you are never allowed to complain or describe the ways disability is adversely affecting your life?

We, at New Horizons Un-Limited, value the individual and focus on strengths and weaknesses that make the whole person. As parents, family members, caregivers and individuals we try to focus on positive energy and independence. Although, once in a while, wouldn’t you like to complain when disability in your life is not going well for... Continue Reading →

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