New Book Review: The Autism Cover-Up

Author:  Anne Dachel,  copyright 2014, New York:  Skyhorse Publishing No one in this controversial history from 1998 to the present was anti-vaccine, they were calling for more research, a safe schedule of vaccines, and to get due compensation for parents and children who in good faith had vaccinated and had alleged legitimate claims to the... Continue Reading →

How Can We Improve the Collection of Birth Data at the State Level?

This is a call for legislation that each state accepts a new minimum standard birth certificate and to update medical and data agencies for recording the new standard for uniform, reliable data collection. Since the last update of the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth in 2003, almost all 50 states have adopted this  U.S.... Continue Reading →

How Has the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities at birth been Ignored in Legislation for the Last 30 Years?

If we could redo history, had not redefined Developmental Disabilities in legislation through mental health acts or if we had not removed the 1989 State Birth and Developmental Outcome Monitoring Programs in 1999, would we be at a better place, have collected more data and research to understand the rising incidence of  Developmental Disabilities such... Continue Reading →

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