How Has the ADA Helped You?

We must not be complacent, we must continue to be actively educating, training and building accessible awareness in our communities! Celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)! Share your ADA experience with us at NHU! At New Horizons Un-Limited we celebrate the ADA by honoring the activism and effort of the... Continue Reading →

A Credo for Being Human

                                1. Love yourself without hesitation or caveat. 2. Embrace failure as an essential part of your personal journey. 3. Listen. Think. Think some more. Respond. Listen some more. Repeat. 4. Search for beauty in the mundane. 5. Read every... Continue Reading →

What can we learn from Pope Francis?

Last month during the Washing of the Feet, a Catholic tradition typically reserved for Vatican priests, Pope Francis chose instead to wash the feet of those with disabilities. Last year, he washed the feet of women and Muslims. You can almost hear the collective gasp! But, the Pope’s audacity does not end there! Unlike his... Continue Reading →

Different Always

"We are equal sometimes, unequal most times and different always. There is a point where equality ends and diversity begins. You need to respect both, at times separately." - Alan Share *** What is equality? By definition, it is the quality or state of being equal. The idea of equality, in its most simplistic form... Continue Reading →

Caring leads to change

There is no question that living with a disability is difficult. It is! Really, really difficult! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, fall into a “why even bother” mode and bow to the limitations that your disability presents. We get it! Sometimes, it’s just plain easier to throw in the towel…to simply stop caring. One of... Continue Reading →

Let us not make resolutions in the New Year, but instead reflect on who we are and who we wish to become. Let the wise words of these men and women carry you on your journey and remain with you, always... "Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with... Continue Reading →

What’s kindness got to do with it?

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." - Jean Jacques Rousseau What is kindness? By definition, it is to be affectionate, loving, sympathetic, helpful. Oh…but it is so much more than that! Kindness is a stepping stone to personal serenity; a path to your ultimate success and happiness! (Yes, yes, today I... Continue Reading →

Leave the nonsense behind

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” ~ Ralph Waldo... Continue Reading →

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