Have We Done Everything We Can to Educate All Attendants at Birth of the Safest Obstetric Practices?

Have we identified those techniques that put children at risk of disability? This is a call for education and training for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other attendants of birth to lead the call for prevention to observe and protect the unborn; to review and educate all attendants of birth, to advise parents for healthy prenatal... Continue Reading →

How Has the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities at birth been Ignored by the Medical Community for the Last 30 Years?

If we could redo history, if we focused on collecting very specific data at birth, labor practices, induced labor or cesarean delivery, medicine given before, during and after birth, would we have collected more data and research to understand the rising incidence of Developmental Disabilities such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy in children that we... Continue Reading →

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