Independence Starts at Home

By Cory Hanson As parents, we lay the foundation for the way our child thinks, behaves, and navigates the world around them, especially at school. Here’s what I’ve tried to do with my lovely demon (I’m mostly kidding…) as well as the kids that have come through my classroom. We need to develop a sense... Continue Reading →

New Book Review: The Autism Cover-Up

Author:  Anne Dachel,  copyright 2014, New York:  Skyhorse Publishing No one in this controversial history from 1998 to the present was anti-vaccine, they were calling for more research, a safe schedule of vaccines, and to get due compensation for parents and children who in good faith had vaccinated and had alleged legitimate claims to the... Continue Reading →

Developmental Disabilities are a great cost to our children, families and society; they are a critical public health issue that deeply impacts the lives of millions of Americans. (1)

Each year approximately 120,000 children are diagnosed with a lifelong Developmental Disability. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated the lifetime cost of care for each individual citizen with Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy is nearly $1 million (in 2003 dollars), approximately one half that figure for those with Vision or Hearing Impairments. (Caregiver,... Continue Reading →

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