How Can We Prevent Disability without First Collecting Data at Birth?

How can we scientifically, accurately and efficiently collect data at birth?  Developmental disability is increasing. Each year 75 to 120 billion dollars is transferred to the future debt because our generation refuses to collect the data and pass it to the next generation. (1) (2) How can we mandate that research and to remove duplicated... Continue Reading →

How Can We Determine any Conclusion about the Safety of Medications Given at Birth or Any Obstetric Practice?

Is there a cause and affect of any obstetric practice for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy or other Developmental Disabilities?  How do we know if we don’t collect the data at birth? This Prevention Report is a call for education and training for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other attendants of birth to lead the call ... Continue Reading →

How will Medical Professionals and Our Society Ever Learn How to Prevent the Ever Increasing Number of Children with Developmental Disabilities?

Without data collection and without a system that checks back on that data when a diagnosis is realized, how are we ever going to connect cause and effect of Developmental Disability? How are medical science and our society ever going to learn how to prevent the ever increasing number of children with disabilities without coordination... Continue Reading →

Do We Collect the Important Data at Birth on the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth to Prevent Lifelong Disability?

Although medical science does acknowledge a complex mix of risk factors prevalent in the research of Developmental Disabilities, the CDC cannot identify all the causes. The fact is there are many ways that the developing brain may be subject to: stress, infection, endures trauma or injury before, during, and after birth to cause the abnormal... Continue Reading →

How Has the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities at Birth Been Ignored in Data Collection Efforts for the Last 30 Years?

If we could redo history, had not redefined Developmental Disabilities in legislation through mental health acts or if we had not removed the 1989 State Birth and Developmental Outcome Monitoring Programs in 1999, would we have collected more data and research in the last 30 years to understand the rising incidence of Developmental Disabilities.  Would... Continue Reading →

Why in the past decade and a half has there been a significant increase in the number of children exhibiting Developmental Disabilities?

Why in the past decade and a half has there been a significant increase in the number of children exhibiting Developmental Disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Vision Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, and Cerebral Palsy with resulting motor disabilities and developmental delays? How much do we not know about the causes of... Continue Reading →

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